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I found about app work from Facebook and did some research before joining the platform about two weeks ago. Since then I have withdrawn more than 40 USDT from the account and the withdrawal time was less than one minute. The technical group supported and guided me to complete the task. I still earn daily income from the task that I have done. This is a great platform and a genuine one that pays for your work. I hope to continue working on the platform in the future and highly recommend it to others who is looking to do some extra work. Thank you appwork team 😊😊😊😊
AppWork is Legit and Paying tasking platform. You will have an opportunity of being an Applications Publisher (Google). Learn more about apps and how it is actually publish on Play Store.
Don't worry about the procedure, Appwork will provide you all the manuals you need to successfully publish your app, step by step and detail by detail. Additionally, they have a very responsive virtual assistant that will guide you all the way through your task, even until your PAYOUT! They will answer all your inquiries promptly.
You'll be an app manager. Every App Update, it will surely corresponds with TASK, and if you have task, it will have an equivalent CASH! You can earn up to $40 per task completion, Yes $40!!!
Appwork platform is very user friendly and easy to navigate.
The only downside is the Payout Threshold, but still, with a high paying task, you'll surely cash it out easily.
Elestory is a big team of professionals and very responsible people. We started working with Elestory 3 years ago, and every year their business program becomes better. They maintain their best level.
An excellent freelance platform for passive earnings. I perform simple tasks: I publish and update mobile apps, check account and get a little money. Sometimes there are drawings that bring additional bonuses.
great place to work. highly recommended
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